Quick Notes and New Ways to Connect

Hey Everyone!

First of all, let me say that I don’t think this will be my only post today (I least I plan that it won’t be). Instead, this is just a quick note on what I have been working on lately. As you guys may know, I have been planning on reaching out into more mediums when it comes to sharing my content, whether it be through Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, anyway to make viewing easier for you all. So, yesterday, as I was donating blood (something I never would have thought I would do as I hate needles), I took some time and created this Website a Twitter page. If you search twitter for @MultiStopTravel, you will find our little section of the internet, solely for us.20708224_1949370128641479_8433782004293963088_n

Also noting, as of about 10 minutes ago, we also have a Tumblr!20664794_1949583755286783_5944597318355664148_n

I have had a Tumblr account personally for a while now but have never really used it. So, I reconfigured my personal account and made it into the perfect spot for us to post our blogs on the site. I hope that both of these helps to make viewing easier and more convenient. As with my Facebook page, which will still be up and running, I will be posting links to all new blogs on both of the new sharing sites.

Also, within the next month, I am planning on changing the website URL. I am planning on getting rid of the “Dot WordPress” thing in favor of a simple “Dot Com” to make things easier and hopefully more professional (well as professional as a 19-year-old college guy could be”.

Either way, that is about it. I just wanted you guys to be in the clear about all upcoming changes or additions to the site and once again I hope to see you late. The second post should be uploaded in a couple of hours if everything goes to plan.

Ni MIngtian Jian!



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