Dae-hou 대회 2: Music

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Dae-hou world contests.

Today, we will be looking at something that everybody can find in their daily life and see, based on certain subsets, which countries have the best music. Today, we will be looking at which countries have the best variety, popularity of artists from that country, and the most popular kinds of music found in that country. I must say beforehand that these lists may be different for each person that makes them. I am here to share my own opinion on the matter and introduce you guys to more groups outside of what you may know. Now here we go!

Our first stop is in France, as they score 4th in our Dae-hou. Europe, in general, is a very good place for clubbing, and as such, electric or club style music is very popular, especially in France. Everything from catchy pop tunes to some popping EDM (Electronic Dance Music), to some of the world’s greatest DJ’s such as Daft Punk (who I originally thought was German) and David Guetta who have hits the top of the billboards all over the world. On top of this, France also imports music from all over the world, from countries such as the USA, Australia, The UK, and countries all over Europe. These styles mix with France’s musical selections to form new styles and artists that can bring something entirely different to the table. For this reason, France is placed 4th on this list. Everyone knows their major artists, but they can’t identify where France ends or begins.david-guetta-Nothing-but-the-Beat-album-cover

David Guetta’s Album cover for “Nothing But The Beat”, Representing France

Getting bronze today is the country of South Korea. Korea is an interesting case, as their music did not derive from them, but from the USA. America brought their music along with them in the form of Soldiers during the Korean war, which Koreans took up and started to adapt, until they became one of the best countries in the world for Pop Music. K-pop, in my opinion, is great. I just started listening to it about a month ago, but the beats and rhythm combined with electric influences really helps it to stand out against any other kinds of music. This music, while all of it being pop, has a ton of variety, from almost hip-hop sounding, to dance tunes, to slower ballads. They are growing in popularity and countries are starting to take notice. K-pop bands are now starting world tours with people from all over the world looking for tickets to groups like EXO-CBX, BTS, and GOT7 (these are all their English names by the way), which has started almost a music golden age to the country. With all of this though, the following for K-pop is still fairly small compared to other styles outside of Korea, which is why it fails to rank higher.EXO-CBX2.png


A clip from the music video of one of my favorite K-pop song, Representing South Korea

The country receiving silver today is the United Kingdom. This was a very close call between the UK and the country in first. In my opinion, British music is the best, but I have to stick to facts. Britain is a powerhouse for music, with groups such as the Beatles ruling the 60’s even up to this day when Ed Sheeran will sell out entire arenas in a matter of minutes. There is no denying that Britain is massive in the media, and it will probably stay that way. They have just about as much variety as any other country with groups in almost every major style of music, from alternative pop (Ed Sheeran), to Pop Dance (The Spice Girls back in the 2000’s) to Rock (Queen). This country has produced so many major groups in the past 100 years that they could end up taking the number 1 spot within the next 10 years or so. In the meantime, I’ll keep rocking out to “Galway Girl” by Ed Sheeran.


Ed Sheeran’s New Album, Divide, Representing the United Kingdom

And now, taking gold for music, is the United States. Now I must say, I have a hard time awarding the USA any award because I feel like I am a bit biased towards it, with me living here my whole life, but I don’t think that is the case today. American music has influenced so many other countries to create their own styles. As I stated above, American pop helped to influence K-pop and, even though not stated, also helped to make J-pop a fighting force in Asian countries. On top of this, the US takes influences from the whole world as well and molds them into part of their musical culture, such is the case of Latin music. Just look at it, a Latin song was number 1 on billboards for a couple weeks earlier this summer (Despacito). America is also home to many of the world’s top music labels and recording groups, most of which are based in New York City or in Los Angeles. And that is without even mentioning the artists born here. Everyone from Elvis, to Michael Jackson, to Maroon 5, to Green Day, every decade has a new American anthem that people can relate with. For people my age (people in college), they can remember rocking out to “American Idiot” by Green Day when they were growing up. I hate to say this, but America takes the cake on this.71Z0rLIvpuL._SX425_

Green Day’s Album, American Idiot, Representing the USA.


And with that, this Dae-hou comes to a close. What do you guys think? Are there any countries that you feel I missed, or should another country be switched around?  Feel free to leave a comment below (it would actually help a lot to see what you think) and if you want a certain Dae-hou subject, please let me know. This is a community and I am glad to write on what YOU GUYS want. Anyway, thank you guys and I will see you all soon.

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

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