Quick Update and Upcoming Projects

Hey everyone!

This is just a quick post about some upcoming plans and dates that you guys may want to mark down. Next Friday, the 28th, I will be going with my school to St. Louis and going to a variety of locations. I, of Course, will write these experiences down for you guys to read about. A couple of these places I have never been to either so I am looking forward to finding out how they are.

I also have spent the past few days organizing and planning different ideas for this page. I have listed a few new “What-if” posts and made a brief timeline for the “Migration series”. With a tentative plan written out, I should be able to write a bit more frequently (but of course still around my work schedule).

I am also in the works creating a new Project/series kind of thing that I am just going to be calling “Daehou 대회 ” for the time being. With this series, without revealing too much before the release, I will be comparing different aspects of different countries. I hope that you guys will like this new series as much as I hope you guys will. I am pretty excited and have a few of the posts in mind. I am planning on posting the first entry in a week’s time (I am aiming for the 27th but plans can change).

I would also like to remind you guys that Facebook is always open and I am constantly posting on it to keep you guys updated and interested. I post everything from travel tips, to locations, to pages, to just about everything you can imagine, of course including links to all of the new posts the second they come out on WordPress. All of my links are in the bottom of the screen.

I would also like to say that you guys can email me at any time for questions, travel tips, or just to talk. I want this to be a community where we can all talk and help each other.

Well, I think that is just about it. I got all of my words out and I just want to say thank you. You guys have been so kind and I am glad that I can create content for you guys. I am going to leave this here and I will see you all tomorrow.

Xiexie he ni mingtian jian

Nide Pengyou, Gavin Williamson


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