Migrations #2: Mesopotamia and Egypt

Hey everyone!

So, I am back again with my migrations series. It seems that you guys thought it was fairly good so I figured I would see it out and keep this series going. Today, we will be visiting Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

These were the first 2 great societies in the world’s history, with Mesopotamia becoming a great civilization that laid the groundwork for everyone to come. Egypt, on the other hand, had a great cultural and military impact on the world, showing what a true empire of this time would look like in terms of size, people, culture, and military might. While there were other groups of people around during this time in the Indus valley, China, and Norte Chico, it is no doubt that these 2 were the greatest of the time.

To start out we have Mesopotamia which is around the area of Iraq and Iran. This place was growing mostly due to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that the society was based around (Mesopotamia literally translates to “between 2 rivers”). This is where we should visit first. If we were to take a step-in history and live as they would, you more than likely be living really close to the river, possibly in a mud or dirt house, possibly a stone house if you wanted to experience the growth of the nation.

The Ancient capital of Mesopotamia was the great city of Babylon, a city that is riddled in mystery, legend, and has even spurred empires in itself. I would visit these ruins and take a look at what remains. Many of the buildings and structures still stand tall and proud to this day, such as the famous walls of Babylon and the Ishtar Gate.

I must say, I don’t know a lot about Mesopotamia and I am trying to go off what I know for a fact so if this seems a bit clustered, I apologize.

Next, we have Egypt, which is possibly one of the most influential societies the world has ever seen, with unique customs, arts, Ceremonies, and Histories that still are present in our world today. While the Egyptian empire died out 2 and a half thousand years ago, it still has some of the most recognizable symbols of all time.

You can find Egypt anywhere, at a museum with paintings of the pyramids or at a science museum where they would have an exhibit on Mummification. But if you were to go to Egypt and experience life in their eyes, I would start in the north. Northern Egypt holds many great relics of Egyptian history, including the pyramids, the lost city of Alexandria (I know it is Greek but it still counts), the sphinx, and many ancient tombs. This is the region where we found the Rosetta Stone as well. There is nothing like going to see these great places and truly getting see something that has withstood wars, time, and storms.

Many towns in Egypt still have a feel for how you would have lived a couple thousand years ago (I am meaning in their look I mean). So, if you find a place to stay a couple miles outside of a city, you should get a good feel for what life was like back them.


Abu Simbel, Luxor, Egypt

When you go to the south, you can visit the site known as “Valley of the Kings” which is one of the largest burial sites in all the world. We have found 63 tombs so far in the Luxor area (which also houses the Abu Simbel temple). This is a great place to find yourself (or possibly a tomb) as you are in the middle of the desert and nobody can bother you.

Well the is it for today. Thank you guys so much for reading this blog. I’m sorry if anything seems a bit off on today’s blog. I have been working overnights at work so I haven’t really had much time to look anything up. Well anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys next time!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: Babylon: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/856106210386528144/

Abu Simbel: http://www.ancient.eu/Abu_Simbel/


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