Day Trips: Saturday in St. Louis

Hey Everyone!

So, this past Saturday, me and my best friend, Maddy, travelled to Saint Louis, Missouri to celebrate her birthday. Also, this was her late Christmas present as well as making up for my not going to prom. I’m Kind of awful. Anyway, I decided to take a slight break from writing my college acceptance essay and tell you guys about what we did. So here we go.

We got up at around 5 o’clock that morning and got the car we were borrowing from my grandmother, and starting the 2-hour drive to St. Louis at around 6. We made a couple of stops on the way, such as a few gas stations to use the restroom or to get coffee since it was so early in the morning. Arrived in the town of St. Charles at around 8:30 due to traffic. St. Charles is this quaint little town on the edge of the city that is home to a lot of little tiny shops that give off a mid-1800’s feel due to the fact that they are all inside of old French and English buildings. After driving around, the town a bit, we finally found an amazing parking spot in the center of the historic district. We stopped for tea and coffee at this little café called the Bike Stop Café, a little hidden yet popular spot for bicyclists in the area to stop for a healthy breakfast. I got a sweet tea and Maddy got a snowman latte as we waited for the shops to open. Everything opened at 10 so we had to wait for a bit.

The first shop we went was opened a little bit earlier than its neighbors at 9:30. It was called the Bathhouse, a little shop that resembled Lush Cosmetics in a way. They sold handmade soaps and perfumes made in Arkansas. The prices were fairly cheap and the scents of the soaps were absolutely amazing. Maddy bought some toner and I bought a bar of shaving soap that smelled like Honey Pear. We then head off to a store that Maddy had looked up beforehand. It was a local book shop called Main Street Books. It is rated to be one of the top book stores in St Louis and I can see why. They had a good variety of books and really seemed to have their customers in mind first. We looked around and left. The last store I should mention in this town is called Joys. Basically, it has about 50 plus venders come to sells their wares in this little barn kind of thing and all for a good price. This is one of my favorite places I saw while we were on the trip and if you are heading to the St. Louis area I highly recommend checking it out.19274905_1923060351272457_9009822108887225699_n.jpg

Crazy Coffee Shop we Found in St. Charles, Missouri

Next, we headed into town and went to Forest Park. If you read my earlier post a month back about St. Louis, you will remember me talking about Forest Park. This is where the Zoo, Art Museum, and all the Shakespeare in the park stuff happens. We drove to the art museum and spent about a good 2 hours there (a lot less time then I was expecting) looking at the Picassos, Monets, Warhols, and the Van Goghs. I fell in love with all the Asian art and Maddy loved the landscapes and religious art. What can I say, we have good tastes.


Tree sculpture outside of the art museum

From there we drove to the Delmar Loop, another place before mentioned in the blog, and ate at Blueberry Hill, one of my favorite restaurants. This place is world famous as one of the places Elvis performed at when he visited St Louis. This place has it all, great food, board games built into the tables, a professional dart hall, and a great rock ‘n roll vibe to it. We both got burgers, Hers with onion and pickle, mine with bacon and Swiss cheese. It was amazing and I can’t wait to eat there again.

We then drove downtown to see the Arch, the tallest monument in the united states. I have seen it plenty of times but I knew Maddy would want to see it, so I took the interstate down into the city and drove her past the steel arches. After that we drove to a nearby mall to check out some stores, which only resulted in us buying more tea. What can I say, it’s good. We then went downtown for dinner, since we knew it would be a long drive home. We got to a parking meter and walking to a middle eastern place called Medina’s. the place had a great vibe to it and the smell was absolutely insane when you opened the door. Now let me get this straight, I love gyros, so I knew I would like this place. After having a conversation with the cashier, Maddy got a Shawarma Salad and I got this Moroccan Grilled Cheese, because I was curious to try it. My stuff was really good and the Gyro was awesome (I stole some from Maddy when she wasn’t looking) and Maddy agreed that hers was fairly awesome as well. We then got our things together and started home since we knew it would be storming at home soon and we had better be home for that.

My best friend Maddy and I at Medina’s

So that is our trip. If you guys have any questions about anything in St. Louis, like travel tips or good places to eat, feel free to send me a message. You can also like and follow me on here or on Facebook, all of which is down below. Thank you, guys, and I will you guys soon!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson (and some friends)

Photo Credit: Me. I took all the photos seen on here (Maddy took some as well.)


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