Migrations Introduction and Blog #1, Out of Africa

Hey Everyone,

So, I will admit, I had completely run out of ideas on what time write about (because I figured I shouldn’t only right my “What Ifs” so often. So here Is my thinking, why not bring a little bit of history along with this travel, and so starts my new travel series or blogs, Migration.

Plain and simply put, Migration will follow the path of civilization to make vacations and give ideas based around how human kind has advanced, starting from our first migration starting in the Middle of Africa, to hopefully the modern day if we end up liking this so much. And so, let’s get this thing started.

As stated above, humankind originated in Africa, I believe In or Near Botswana. Our ancestors lived on the bare minimum with very few people in their groups. A good thing to do to connect with that period in time is a camping voyage, possibly with 2 or 3 friends if they are willing. Think of it like what they do on Naked and Afraid. Obviously, I am not saying to go that far, but you would then get the idea. Make your own shelter and catch your own food, like fishing or hunting.


Primitive campground

When you put in the effort into this kind of trip, there are some good things that can come from it. First, you are completely surrounded by nature in a way that it is hard to do in the modern world. Even in national parks like Rocky Mountain in Colorado (which I have visited), you are still next to the city of Estes Park, which can give off a bit of noise or Light Pollution. In the middle of Africa, away from all the big cities and towns we know, you can see everything in the sky. It is one of my dreams to go somewhere where you can see the milky way and different galaxies, as there are almost no places where you can get that much visibility. It would be something that you would never forget.

Next, you will feel so much better once you get home or once you have finished setting up your camp. This is why people like camping in the west, you are completely secluded and can do whatever you want. It is a try way to disconnect and forget about everything. Even after doing the work setting up your camp, it will make you appreciate everything you might not have thought about as important. I did a whole blog about this in the past so feel free to read about it there.

This is a bit of a short blog since I am testing this out. If you enjoyed this blog please shoot me a message or if you have any ideas on a blog in the future. Anyway, thank you guys. If you guys liked this blog, feel free to give it a like or follow me below. Check out our Facebook page for daily shares, blogs, or pages regarding trips or destinations. Thanks again and I will see you tomorrow!

Ni MIngtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo credit: Botswana: http://natbg.com/river-cool-picture/

Campground: http://www.survivalbased.com/survival-blog/1903/primitive-camping-how-to-pick-the-perfect-tent-spot/


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