Summer Break: Finally Here! Finding Plans

Hey Everyone!

It’s finally here!!!! Summer has finally arrived. No more school, a crap ton more work at County Market (hopefully Starbucks soon if they email me back), and that means I have time to write!!!!

Now I know that i have been a bit absent and I am sorry to have done that. Friends have been in town and one my friends were leaving for basic training so i was wanting to spend as much time with them as possible. Anyway, i am glad to say that i should be writing more consistently from now on. Please feel free to send me some ideas on some posts because I want to write about things that you guys want to read.

Well anyway, onto the business at hand. We know that summer is a time for relaxation and vacations (unless you are a college student, in which society says you have no other choice but to work literally all the time). One problem that people have when planning a trip is planning, which, I admit, can be a bit stressful at times. But there are many different groups that will take you to a new location with little to no planning on your part. While this could be a good or bad thing to different people, I have a few places for you guys to look at when it comes to planning a trip.



If you guys have liked my Facebook page (which you should since I am pretty active on it), then you will have seen the multiple posts and page i have shared regarding a cheap or already planned vacations. One such page i have shared is the Facebook page EF College Break, which is made specifically for college students that are on spring or summer break. Now one such trip that i saw was a trip to a few Asian countries like China, Japan, and I believe Thailand as well that included amenities such as live sushi Demos, trips to Islands owned by the country, or even giant exclusive tours of the Great Wall. Now these trips are not cheap by any means, usually coming out to about $5000, but for all that you do while on that trip, it is a pretty good deal. many of these trips go to multiple countries and require you to only plan where you want to go, with little to no deviation from that course. If you have the time, i would go on their page and check it out.

Of course, if you plan your own trip, you could actually make it cheaper, by choosing to stay in a hostel or go to places that are free or very cheap in cost, such as temples or national landmarks. For instance, sticking with Japan as an example, The hostels are on average about 3,000 to 5,000 Yen (which is $26.95 – $44.92 or in euros 24.13 to 40.21) making it much cheaper than your average hotel. on top of that, Buddhist shrines and Shinto temples welcome visitors and are free to the public, much like churches in Europe and The USA. On top of this, you can then pick exactly how long you want to stay in the country, and also reduce the risk of going to a place you may not be a fan of.


Hanoi, Vietnam

One last piece of advice, many travel blogs will have deals or links to websites that have very good vacations on the. One of my favorite posts I have seen is a link i will put at the bottom of the page. it is 19 locations for if you are young, broke, and want to travel the world. these are all amazing locations that include both city and amazing scenery for any traveler. other than that i believe i am about done. i will see all you guys tomorrow and if you liked this post, Feel free to give it a like or feel free to follow me on WordPress or Facebook (all of which are down below)

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: all of the photos can be found in the link above. all of these are great locations for cheap and amazing locations.


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