Island Paradise: Planning an Island Vacation with Style

Hey Everyone!

Sorry About the absence. I am right smack dab in the middle of Finals week, my friends are back in town from school, I am working way too many hours at work, and I literally just finished my astronomy exam. Gees, now I see why people drink.

Anyway, as I just got done with my test and I still have a half hour before I meet up with a friend for lunch, I figured I might as well get back on here. So, its summer now, a time to take trips (I have a few planned myself), relax, and maybe hit the beach. Which brings me to my topic today, Island Retreats.

Everyone knows what I am talking about, and it’s one of the reasons we all dream about going to Hawaii (I have a bit to say about that in just a minute). We all just want to escape from everything. So here are just a few ideas and things to keep in mind while planning your island vacation.


Guam, USA

Onto Hawaii. Oh Hawaii… Why? You become such a good idea only to get people a bit down once they arrive. Believe me when I say you are beautiful, but so very overrated. Hawaii at this point has become way too popularized and business oriented, focusing more on having a shop on every corner opposed to having the beautiful locales. If you want my honest to god opinion, do not worry about Hawaii and instead jump ship for Guam. I have a friend from high school whose dad worked for the US state department, so he ended up living in like 6 different countries and visited almost every other one. He told me this fact one day and it has stuck with me since. Guam is not as popular a destination, so it will not be as crowded. It is also almost completely untouched, leaving you plenty of places to explore the wildlife (which is very similar to Hawaii. Plus, it would be cheaper as it is a US territory and not a state (so you also would not need a passport).


Popa Islands, Panama

Another thing I have always heard about was renting an island for vacation. Not really knowing what to expect, I got on google and the results surprised me, as some of these cost the same amount per night as a hotel room. For instance, on (yes that is a real site), there is an island with room for 12 people (vacation, my friends?) that costs about $300 per night. Oh, did I mention this is in Panama with almost total seclusion? You might need to save up a bit for these trips but they would always be something you would remember. (I’ll put a link down below)


Coron Islands, Philippines

One last destination to check out is the Philippines. These islands have some of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen (unfortunately not in person though). There are many different islands for you to explore, each with their own people, language, culture, and activities for you to try out. You would be flying into Manila (the capital) but from there you can go wherever you want. No limitations, all you need is to rent out a boat (possibly a kayak) and explore the white sand beaches and coral reefs that call this country their home.

Well, I think that is about it for now. I will be writing more frequently starting next week as my classes will be done with. I hope you guys enjoyed! If so, feel free to give me a like, a share, or possibly follow me here or on Facebook to get the latest travel news (all of which are on the bottom of the page). Thank you guys and I will see you soon!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: El Nido Island (Featured image) and Popa Island:




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