Day Trips: St Louis, Edwardsville, And the Lion King

Hey Everyone!

Sorry about the inconsistency of the writing. I have a few days off this week I hope to write during and once I am done with classes, I should be back on the everyday streak.

So anyway, I told you guys about a month ago about my going to see the Lion king at the theatre in St Louis, and this Friday with a few friends, I got the chance to go see it. And it did not disappoint. But let me start from the beginning.

I got up at around 7 that morning so that I could help out for an hour at a school event before hopping on the charter bus with 35 other students to St. Louis. Our first stop was Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville (because it is a school event and we needed some excuse to go to the Fox for the Lion king. This campus is pretty much giant and all of it is filled with beautiful sights and I wish that I had taken more pictures but it was raining and I didn’t want to get my phone wet. I will probably end up applying there.

Next we headed to a southern soul food restaurant called “Sweetie Pies” that was pretty awesome. The food was all paid for by the college so we were free to get just about anything we wanted. I ate a bit light as it was mostly a fish day and I have had my fair share of fish. I stuck with a side of mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and, oh my god, they were awesome. They had just the right amount of seasoning, the perfect temperature, and an amazing overall taste that made me want to jump back in line for more. My friend Alexis (which you will see in some pictures, got the same thing but also bought some pound cake. She let me try a bite and it was probably the best pound that I have ever had. That is nothing compared to what is next. Anyone who knows me knows that I love tea. I am actually trying to give up soda and drink more tea instead (I say as I take a sip of the Sierra Mist sitting next to me). Anyway, as it is a southern restaurant, I had to get some southern sweet tea, and it did not disappoint. I compare it to the taste of my grandma’s tea, where she keeps a bottle of liquid sugar on the counter so that you can sweeten it yourself. If you have the chance, I would suggest going here and giving the food a chance.18119569_1527825237242146_4926611780670826927_n

Alexis Taking a picture of me taking a picture of her outside of Sweetie Pies

Now, when we are done, we still have an hour before the doors open for the show, and so we decided to head around the area and check out what it had in store. We walk around, take a few picture (which will be on the Facebook page for you to check out) and we then come across this candy shop. We walk in and we see maple bacon taffy. A bit weird but I saw it and thought it would be fun for us to try. I bought all 4 of us one we tried it. It tasted like a very salted caramel. But hey, it made for a fun story.18157784_1527825770575426_7617171467284834842_n.jpg

Random Building in St Louis (don’t ask me what it is, I don’t remember)

Now we get to what we visited for. We are in line at the fox theatre and sitting in our seats. There will be pictures on here and more on our Facebook page so feel free to take a look. The show was amazing and the lady who played Rafiki was probably one of the best actresses I have seen in a long time. I have a friend going to see it again this Saturday and I wish I could go with him. I can’t say too much in case anyone wants to go see it, but it was definitely worth the time. Everything in it was authentically African and I can’t wait to go see it again someday.17952831_1527825870575416_6810210228380306341_n.jpg

Inside the Fox Theatre, St Louis

Well that is about it. If you guys liked this, feel free to give us a like and a follow either here or on Facebook (all of which is below). I’ll see you guys later!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson (and friends)


From Left to Right: Bernardo, Laine, Alexis, and I waiting in the lobby of the Fox Theatre


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