What If Travels: Germany

Hallo, alle miteinander!

It’s me again, actually on time for once in my life! So, I have work tonight since I couldn’t get off and so I needed to get this done while I had time between my classes. We had a fun in Chinese class today, painting some Chinese fans that our teacher got from her mom in Taipei. But anyway, away from Taiwan and into Europe because today, we are heading to Deutschland!

I have many friends who have traveled to Germany, many for school or for recreational purposes, including one friend who is doing a German minor at the school I am going to in about a year (if you are reading this, you know who you are, Smalls). But anyway, Germany is both a young country as well as a very ancient one. Germany as we know it now is actually younger than the USA, being founded I believe around the time of the American Civil War. Even with this in tow, there have been German people in the area since before the Romans invaded Europe.

I would start my trip in Berlin, the center and capital of Germany. This city has so much history to it, even as far back as the age of colonization onward, there are many sites to explore. In the center of Berlin, you will find the Brandenburg Gate and what remains of the infamous Berlin Wall. Even though the wall was torn down in the 80’s, there ae parts of the wall that still stand alongside the modern buildings and memorials to the wall. The wall is now a giant piece of art work, covered in Graffiti and writing about what the wall represents.berlin-wall-fall-1989-4-1800x800.jpg

Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

There is also the Rhine River in the center of the city, which is a major point to the city. If you have noticed, most big cities are connected to the water, which help them to transport goods as well as give, to a tourist’s perspective, a beautiful view to see. The river, I think, runs all the way down to the Mediterranean Sea, running through other countries like Hungary, and hits most of the big cities in Germany I believe, such as Munich and Berlin.

I would now head north to the famous Black Forest, which is one of the most eerie places in the world in my opinion. This is the site where many of the fairy tales we know were created by the Brothers Grimm (and not the happy kind, just look up the original Sleeping Beauty). Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood all originated in these dark and mysterious woods. I would love to visit and think of all that these woods have inspired, because there is more than I have said.Djn7qTn.jpg

Black Forest, Northern Germany

As  I have said, the Romans did own part of Germany for a bit of time, so I would love to visit some ruins in the south to see just how different they are from say Rome or Spain (which I have written about both in the past). As the scene changes and they found different materials, there were bound to be a few changes made to their monuments in each area they went. As we travel around, I would also look for different stops that we could find stereotypical German things that they do amazingly well, such as finding a chocolatier, as Germany has amazing chocolate!ruins-of-the-roman-baths-in-trier-germany-europe-bdnerk.jpg

Roman Bathhouse, Trier, Germany

And finally, I would head to my favorite castle in the world, the inspiration to the Disney castle as well, Neuschwanstein. This is an amazing castle that also holds some of the most beautiful architecture and views in the whole world. This castle stands on the top of a great mountain in the woods that holds an amazing image to anyone who wants to take the trek there. I will leave a picture so that you can see just what I am meaning. This is what I do not liken about the USA, WE DO NOT HAVE ANY CASTLES! You Europeans are lucky and I would love to visit even a single one.

Anyway, that is all for today. If you liked my Blog, feel free to leave a like and follow me below on WordPress or Facebook, and once again, thank you guys for everything! Danke euch allen! ich sehe dich morgen!

Ni MIngtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: Castle: http://wallpapersdsc.net/cities/neuschwanstein-castle-29348.html

Wall: http: //www.spin.com/featured/berlin-wall-fall-1990-feature/

Forest: http://wallpapercave.com/w/Djn7qTn

Roman Bathhouse: http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-ruins-of-the-roman-baths-in-trier-germany-europe-25673527.html


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    1. Unfortunately, I did not. I have never been to Germany (hence the name “what-if travels”) but I really hope that I can someday. The link that I found the picture should be found at the bottom of the page


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