What If Travels: The Netherlands (Holland)

Dag iedereen!

It’s me again. I’m sorry that I haven’t been very active the past few days. Work has gotten me very, very stressed for time. Anyway, I’m glad to be back online and writing about places I have never been to. So, let’s head back to Europe today and visit the land of the Dutch.

Well, The Netherlands have always been a bit odd to me, as they seem like a strange mixed country to me. They are very similar to Germany when it comes to their language, yet their everyday life seems to remind me of France or Great Britain. I know a few things and they just seem to remind me of France and Scandinavia.

I would start off in the big city itself, Amsterdam. Now, Many people have heard many things about this city, such as about its red light district and about how liberal they are with their modern everything life (not in the political way, just about how accepting they are of everything). When in Amsterdam, I would go a more “clean” route if you will, trying to avoid the drugs and sexual stuff, and head towards more of the scenic areas by the canals.

I will admit, most of what I know about Holland and Amsterdam are either from Video games or “the fault in our stars”, but that is really all I need to make a plan on where to go. The canals are one of the area that I know I will visit, as they are so prominent to the city and its culture. They are all over the town and make a very nice feel similar to that of Venice (once again, confusing country). This would be a great time to check out the gondola boats that they have in the city.thumb-1920-573386.jpg

Canals, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I would next head to Oranjee, which is the restaurant that Hazel and Augustus eat at in TFioS (I know I am a giant nerd). It would feel completely amazing if I could sort of follow the book a bit, if I could, i9 would even stay at the same hotel as they did (which is real, Hotel De Filosoof) this would be a great way to follow a great story that sort of led me to this amazing town and culture. One another great thing they did that I would do is visit the Anne Frank house.

Everyone knows the story of this young WW2 era writer and her struggle. Her diary has become an international best seller and her name is now forever in the minds of anyone who had to sit through a world history or literature class. Her hideout was in Amsterdam and is now a museum dedicated to her, her family and friends, and the millions of Jewish, homosexual, or “different” people who suffered through the Holocaust. I would like to just take a moment to see such a historical monument like this in order to see what they had to put up with for those 2 years.destinations-netherlands_amsterdam_ana_frank_house_1.jpg

Outside Anne Frank Huis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I would now head out of Amsterdam and head towards the countryside looking for a Polder. For those of you who do not know, a polder is a Dutch tulip plantation build out of a drained lake (correct me if I am wrong). Tulips are one of the main exports out of Holland and so they are found everywhere in the Netherlands. These polders are some of the most colorful places in the world, full of such brightly colored flowers that you would think that it is an Instagram filter.

With these polders will be the classic windmills that Holland is known for. Everyone jokes about them but they are really quite impressive if you see one up close. The older ones may be smaller in size but if you see one from within the last 200 years, you will really see what made them so iconic. The colors and sheer size give them a great look to them.nvxD7od

Polder Tulip Fields, The Netherlands

Last thing I would try to find is a place where I can see a traditional Clog dance. I know these are all stereotypical, but it is part of the culture and so, damn it, I want to see it firsthand. The costume, the dance, and the festivities, all of them are what make these times so amazing. Well, that is about it, if you guys liked this blog, feel free to give it a like and follow me here or on Facebook below! Anyway, I will see you tomorrow! Ik zal jullie te zien morgen!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

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