A New Perspective on Travelling: Campus Visits

Hey Everyone!

Well, I have been PACKED with work or something else of the sort. But hey, here we are!

So yesterday, I went on a visit to St. Joseph, Missouri with a school group to visit Missouri Western State University. It was a lot of fun and I have a few pictures below. But these are some things that people do not think about when they do not think about when they consider travelling.17522802_1501508963207107_3299876941708462652_n.jpg

Football Field, Missouri Western State, St. Joseph, MO, USA

You see, a campus visit is probably the best kind of travel you do when you are young, as you get the chance to visit an amazing college or university, as well as getting to see a whole new part of your area or country. Most high school students have been on a visit to find out what they wanted to do in the future or where they want to study, but many people don’t realize just how much goes on in the visit itself.

During the visit, you are learning little fun bits about the campus. For instance, the clock tower at MWSU had over 100 songs that it plays, each changing with the weather. There will also be monuments with to a certain person at just about any college. You also will be able to explore different art and music that is found on the campus as well as music from all over the world.17634591_1501509089873761_2271414399885735760_n.jpg

Clock Tower, MWSU, St. Joseph

Another great point with the campus visit is that there are exchange students there, and as such, there will be many different events. At the college is went to, I was seeing flyers for the Holi festival on campus that was being put on by the Indian students on Campus (if you do not know what that is, then look at my What If India blog). At another visit, they were having a Japanese Horror movie night (that sounds pretty awesome. Note to self, do that). Point is, there are many different ways to explore the world’s culture on a single campus.

Now, the next big point is the Town. Each town is different and has its own history and looks to them. My hometown, Quincy, is almost all German decent and also has some Irish culture to it. the town I am going to town in, Kirksville, I think is mostly English, While Saint Louis is French. Every town and city in your area is different as similar as they are. Start to explore that and start to a look at the shops and historical areas of the town in between your tours and your trips.

My friend, Alexis, and I are planning on going on a College Road Trip this summer and explore the general colleges. I will tell more about that as it goes to get closer but I hope you guys enjoy these! Anyway, if you liked this, feel free to give this a like and a follow down below. I’m sorry that this is not as good of a blog as normal, but I hope you guys like this nonetheless. Thank you, guys, and I will see y’all later!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: Me! I took all of the photos. The featured image was found in the entryway to the student union, the clock tower is pretty amazing. The football field was amazing as well (it made me miss Marching Band)


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