Shop ‘Til You Drop: Best Shopping Spots on each Continent

Hey Everyone!

Ok, big news! You guys know that I am a massive gamer and love to learn about game culture. One of my favorite Gaming channels on YouTube, Game theorists, are now starting a series on gaming around the world called the global gamer. The first episode releases tomorrow, April 6th, so if you guys are giant nerds like I am, I would highly suggest checking it out. It is in 360 as well as something called 8k (I think that is what they said) so if you have a VR set, check it out. I am going to see if I can steal my brother’s to watch this video. Now, onto the blog.

Another big thing I like to do is shop. I am guilty of spending unnecessary money, especially if I am going somewhere. Hell, I over drafted my bank account when I went to Florida last year. But I do believe that this is a good way to get in touch with a culture or part of the world. So tonight, I am dedicating the blog to, in my opinion, the best and most cultural shopping spots on each continent. So here we go.

For north America, I would have to say that you must head to New York City, more specifically, Manhattan or Brooklynn. These are the parts of the city you will find all the classic shops that have been there for decades, include the original Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. As well as the classics that we all know about, another big thing are what I refer to as indie shops. Basically, these are shops that go outside of the norm or do not have traditional wares. For instance, in the town I am going to for college, there is a little café that does not have set prices. You can pay more or less than the recommended price and if you pay more, it goes towards a person in need’s meal. These groups are all over New York and other big cities. When it comes to the indie shops, handmade or unique one of a kind is the hot ticket item. You can find these all over the place.project.gif

Manhattan, New York, USA

For south America, I would have to say visit native tribes. South America has some of the largest groups of native Americans in the entire region, still living their life the same way as hundreds of years ago. If you have the chance, go visit one of these tribes and see if you can get one of their bracelets or necklaces. These are handmade with unique designs that are only used by an individual group. These are ancient techniques that are still honored and made the same. be sure to experience the culture and way of life in the tribe as well once you get there.749-1423

Native Crafts, Pataxo Tribe, Brazil

For Europe, I would have to say the Piccadilly Circus in London. This is classic London locale that holds a great variety of shops. You will find the classic tourist shops as well as some tastes of local flavor, including tea shops, restaurants, as well as the largest book shop in all of Europe (Waterstone Piccadilly. I am a giant book nerd so I would pay it a visit in a heartbeat). Another important shop in Piccadilly is a shop called Fortnum and Mason, but I cannot seem to find what it is exactly. If you seem to find it, please let me know in the comments.3320639520_c90130478d_b.jpg

Piccadilly Circus, London, UK

For Africa, I would have to go with a shopping area in morocco that I wrote about yesterday, the Souks (I am just going to copy and paste yesterday’s post below since I already wrote all about it. TripAdvisor describes this as “a maze of appealing colors and handmade products. You’ll have the assistance of an expert local city guide to find the perfect items and the best shops. Follow your guide through this 4-hour tour to the souks, and visit shops you may not normally find yourself. This tour may be tailored to fit your shopping interests.” (Thank you, TripAdvisor, for this link). This is one of the places I have always wanted to visit, mostly due to the bright colors and the history of these items. Some of these designs have existed this way for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. This is in the very center of Marrakech in an area known as Djemaa el-Fna. This has everything from places to buy Moroccan Mint Tea (the national drink) to handmade carpets and rugs that you could bring back home with you (that would be a fun conversation starter for parties).26885359-moroccan-souk-crafts-souvenirs-in-medina-essaouira-morocco (1).jpg

Crafts for Sale at a Souk, Marrakech, Morocco

For Asia, it was tough, but I had to choose the Ginza Strip, as it is so iconic to the whole world. While you can be cheap on Ginza, you can also easily spend thousands of dollars (well, Yen) at this place. You can find everything from theaters to fish markets in the same street. Everything from anime shops to Tea Places, to an American Eagle to a traditional Kimono store. If you want anything while you are in japan, go here and I can guarantee that you can find it. you may have to stay in a tiny apartment that you can only sleep (look it up, tiny Tokyo hotel cubbies), but at least you will know you are going to bring back some amazing stuff.ginza-shopping

Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Now Australia, oh Australia, why must you do thing. I don’t know anything about you, so I might have to avoid you. I do want to say this regarding Australia and the pacific islands. They are still full of native tribes. The Maori people in New Zealand is one of my favorite groups to study in the whole world and throughout all of history, so I would say, just like with South America, visit them and get something from them. These groups are so different from our “normal” way of life, so everyone would be amazed by how they are compared to us. For instance, Papua New Guinea is one of the most traditional countries in the sense that they are almost completely still in a tribal society, complete with their original traditions and buildings. I would love to see these tribes and explore their way of life and, who knows, get an awesome souvenir from there.JungleOutpost4.jpg

Guinean Bead Art

Well that is just about it for this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed and don’t forget to like and subscribe below. Also, remember to check out the Global Gamer if you are interested. Thank you guys a ton!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

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