What If Travels: Morocco

Tahiat liljamie! (تحية للجميع),

It’s me again. Sorry for not having a post at all yesterday. I worked until 11 last night and came straight from school, so I couldn’t really find enough time to write a very good post. I would rather not write for a day than write a really bad blog and upset some of you guys. It is my job to make you guys happy with these posts, and I wouldn’t feel I did that if I released a sub par post. Now, onto the task at hand! Today, I am writing about Morocco!

For those of you who do not know, I am actually planning on living in Morocco in a few years as part of the US Peace Corps. I will be teaching English over there for 27 months and I cannot wait. Now, another quick note. Morocco has 3 distinct areas in the country. Almost everyone knows that one is the desert, as it is partly in the Sahara Desert. The country also has a very unique plains and mountainous regions.

I will start my trip in Marrakech, which is the capital of morocco. Unlike other capitals of the world, this is a city as well as a town in its style. What I mean by this is that you will find skyscrapers, but you will also find old buildings that have been there for hundreds of years. These streets are just as filled with business people as they are with the classic bazaars and shops that inspired countless stories. This is the very first place I will head to. The Khartit Mustapha Bazaar is one particular bazaar that you find while exploring the city. This is a place full of spice vendors and Krystal shops.ccf6aec8a8b7614aa11908e577f25d6a.jpg

Khartit Mustapha Bazaar, Marrakech, Morocco

One more thing to look for in this city is the Souks. TripAdvisor describes this as “a maze of appealing colors and handmade products. You’ll have the assistance of an expert local city guide to find the perfect items and the best shops. Follow your guide through this 4 hour tour to the souks, and visit shops you may not normally find yourself. This tour may be tailored to fit your shopping interests.” (Thank you TripAdvisor for this link). This is one of the places I have always wanted to visit, mostly due to the bright colors and the history of these items. Some of these designs have existed this way for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. This is in the very center of Marrakech in an area known as Djemaa el-Fna. This has everything from places to buy Moroccan Mint Tea (the national drink) to handmade carpets and rugs that you could bring back home with you (that would be a fun conversation starter for parties).souks-of-marrakech-walking-tour.jpg

Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakech, Morocco

Next stop is Medina, which I believe is in the Grasslands area of the country. This is also one of the biggest cities in the country and is typically what people think when they hear morocco. See, all of the big cities in Morocco are closer to the 2nd tier cities in China, Growing while still having all of its cultural influences been the focal point for the cities. While I do not know much about any other cities in Morocco, I can guarantee that these cities have plenty to do in them as well as a lot to see.bivouac-merzouga1.jpg

Berber Tents, Moroccan Desert

I would also make a special goal to visit all 3 of the distinct areas of the country. What would fun is visiting a Berber tribe while in the desert (as I believe that is where they reside). Another fun goal of mine is to visit and climb one of the mountains in the mountainous region. I did a bit of rock climbing and mountain climbing when I visited my dad in Estes Park, Colorado, so it would be fun to go back and climb some more, as I have not in a few years. Also, one thing that Morocco is famous for are their Kasbahs. If you visit there, be sure to visit one, it will be well worth it.190511-kasbah-du-toubkal-hotel-atlas-mountains-morocco.jpg

Kasbah du Toubkal. Atlas Mountains, Morocco

These are just a few ideas, obviously there is plenty more to do. If I knew where I would be teaching, I would visit that town and see what it is like, but I unfortunately I do not. Anyway, that is about it all for today. If you have any ideas on what to write about, please let me know. If you liked this blog, don’t forget to like this post and if you like these posts, please feel free to follow me here or on Facebook to get notifications on when a new post is out! Anyway, that you guys. Sa’araa ya rifaq ghda! سأرى يا رفاق غدا

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: Blue House: http://gzhaixier.com/morocco/44819234.html

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Souk: http://www.moroccolifetimetours.com/the_specials/marrakech-souks-walking-tour/

Berber tents: http://www.aubergedusud.com/

Kasbah: https://www.mrandmrssmith.com/destinations/morocco/atlas-mountains


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