Pack Alongs: Basics on what to pack for vaction

Hey Everyone,

I finally got enough motivation to write today so here we go. This is one of the first things I was wanting to write about on the blog, as so many people find it troubling trying to figure it out. So here we go, how to pack perfectly.

Now, when it comes to packing for a trip, I like to separate them into layers. The first is the basics of travel. There are always things that everyone will need on vacation. For me it goes as followed: 1 set of clothes per day of trip plus an extra set per 3 days away (assuming you do not have a washing machine), hygiene items like toothbrushes, deodorant, and shampoo, a swimming suit (maybe 2) because everyplace has somewhere to swim, whether at a hotel or a local site. Also, probably a language book and maps if you are going out of country. Also, keep a notebook to keep track of plans and budgeting.

Next is what I call the “entertainment” column. These are things that you pack solely for the travel periods on planes, trains, or cars. These can include books, music (which I keep everywhere), coloring books, and mobile gaming systems. Pro tip, if you have a Nintendo 3DS, turn on street view as you are flying or driving. You will pick up so many friends.

Next is the adventure route. These are basically things you will bring to spice up your locations or activities. For instance, when my family went to Florida this summer, we went and bought a cake and ate it at the ocean, just like the song “cake by the ocean”. These can be media references from books, music, movies, or television or they could be a classic cliché, such as a lock to put on the lock bridge in Paris (see my what if blog on France if you do not know what I mean). Another example, in one of my favorite book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, their main base is one long island. If I ever go to the location in the book, I would wear a Camp Half-blood t-shirt and a bead necklace, so I can feel like I am part of the story.MG_0254.jpg

Latin Quarter of Paris, France (Rue Saint-Severin)

Next is to leave room for the Souvenirs. We all know about them and end up getting them even when we try very hard to avoid them due to costs, but I split this in 2 as well. First there are paid souvenirs that you, obviously, must pay for in currency. These can be things like a Beret from France (which I kind of want to get) or a wall scroll from japan. These can range from anything depending on your taste and there is no limit to what you can find. You can find anything from Anime Merchandise to Japanese spices on a single block in Tokyo. These are more than likely going to be put in your checked bag (to make sure that they are not thrown out of your carry on.

Next are free souvenirs that you can find in locations. Good examples are sand from a beach in Hawaii (actually, don’t take sand from Hawaii, you will unleash Pele’s curse) or some bamboo from china. One thing I would find interesting is to grab little smooth pebbles from all around the world and make a little Zen garden with them (a bit weird but hey, I find that kind of stuff cool). Another good example is the currency from the country. I collect international money so I would love to keep some of the money of where I go.ohau-beach-hawaii.jpg

Beach in Oahu, Hawaii, USA

OK, so, this blog was a bit different from normal, but I hope that you guys liked it nonetheless. If you did, don’t forget to like and follow down below. I also have links to my Facebook page at the bottom of the screen so click that to stay informed (it is updated probably more than anything, including surveys and questions). I will see you all tomorrow!

Ni MIngtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

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