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Hey Everyone,

So, I was planning on going out of town today, but I couldn’t get out of work. Oh well, wanted to have some fun with friends, but I get paid. So, anyway, I had no idea what to write about today, so I had to ask for a bit of help (if you have any ideas what to write about, please let me know). And this is what my amazing mother said I should write about. So here we go.

Many different places have locations that do not fit the definition of each state. For instance, if you go to Arizona, which many people view as a desert state, has many beautiful lakes and locations you would not appear to fit the Wikipedia definition. So here are a few examples for you guys

A little disclaimer to Asian and European viewers, this will be mostly North America as that Is what I am most familiar with.

So, the place in Arizona is lake Havasu, which I believe is on the border of California and Arizona (West Coast if you don’t know where that is). This place is gorgeous and is actually rated as one of the best places for broke college students to visit if you are low on money. I was actually going to see if I can stop there this year when I go to PAX West. This place is full of waterfalls, streams, lakes, and many great places that we could have a lot of fun at, while still getting a feel for Arizona.376546_S.jpg

Lake Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA

Next is in the north. Canada seems to have a reputation, like Russia, to be cold and only speaking French (to America I mean). First off, French is spoken in the north of Canada and Quebec, in provinces such as Nunavut and Nova Scotia. But there is an area in Canada that has one of the best lakes I have ever seen (and one of my top nature spots that I want to visit). Emerald Lake is in British Columbia and it is absolutely stunning. I mean, I will be using this as the Featured image so just take a quick glance and see why this is so profound. The contrast in the colors make this seem almost like an artist’s painting and really takes your breath away.

My last stop on this tour is Iceland and Greenland, which is probably the most obvious of all of these locations, as these islands have many little Easter eggs all around the place. My favorite would probably be the Hot Springs. While these are more common in Iceland, these springs are situated in the coldest areas of the country most of the time and are heated due to the heat underground (I think from magma vents but I am not sure). The closest thing I have done to this is going into my friend’s hot tub at midnight of a new year’s party we have every year, and even then, the contrast between the heat and the frigid snow filled air is amazing, like being in a nice warm shower after working in the snow all day. If you try to visit at night, you might also get to see the Aurora, or northern lights, fill the sky. Seeing these are on most people’s bucket list and for good reason. These amazing ribbons of colored light dance across the night sky and amazing people who have seen them even a million times.b0b907feb9b3ca19b492c7e666664466.jpg

Hot Springs, Iceland

Anyway, that is about it, let me know if there is anything that you want me to talk about and don’t forget to like and follow down below! I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: Emerald Lake: http://www.wildnatureimages.com/EmeraldLakePhotos.htm

Havasu: http://www.pygmyguides.com/havasu-falls.html

Iceland: https://www.pinterest.com/viatortravel/iceland-things-to-do/?lp=true


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