Urban Sprawl: What to Expect in the Big City

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Sorry that I couldn’t get a blog out yesterday, I didn’t have any time between School and work. Oh well, I hope you guys like this one enough for 2 posts.

So, one big thing that can worry people about travelling, even locally, are big cities. Whether you are driving or just exploring local sights using the subway, people always seem to get intimidated by these places. I grew up a few hours away from St. Louis, not the biggest but big none the less. My grandmother absolutely refuses to drive here due to all of the traffic. But what are some true things to keep in mind when going to a big city?

Traffic and how you are travelling there is probably the most important. If you are driving there, then be prepared for traffic and lots of it, along with drivers who probably have a bit of road rage. On my way to St. Louis with my Senior Zoology class last year, we stopped due to a rollover crash that was blocking traffic for miles. Luckily nobody was hurt by this but it can show, nonetheless, how dangerous it can be to drive. Always play defensive and always be vigilant.


A “Lotus” Bridge Connecting Hong Kong and China

The next biggest and most obvious would be money and prices. Everything is bigger in New York, buildings, attitudes, and prices. Oh yes. Big cities are some of the most expensive places on earth right now due to the sheer amount of people, and the companies know this. Because there are so many people in one area, it is hard to get almost anywhere outside of the city to buy something, which is why the companies skyrocket their prices, because nobody can do anything about it. There is literally a pizza place that serves $1000 pizza while I don’t like spending $3 on a 20 piece burger king chicken nugget. The tax is high and so is the cost of living. There is a reason why there is a stigma towards New York City apartments: you get one room for something like $5000 a month (probably not even close to the price but you get the point. An apartment in Manhattan with a private bathroom costs upwards of $1700, ranging all the way to #3500 a night. The cheapest you can get is if you go to Brooklyn or queens and you share a bathroom (disgusting first of all) and that can still be between $600 to $3000.4487804-city-wallpapers

New York, New York, USA

Next one can be a double edged sword, what to do. While I love big cities since there is always something going on, you can be overwhelmed with so many options. Heading to St. Louis of r a few days, you can stay at cheap hotel, maybe find one for about $110 a night, but then what? There is the forest park area that has the Zoo (which is one of the top rated zoos in the world), the art museum, and the serene nature of the park itself, all of which is free. There is then the Arch, which you could go to the top of (I never could do to a fear of heights), which can cost a little. Then there is the sports, you could go see a baseball or hockey game which would be a few hundred dollars. And then shopping, of is there shopping. There is the Delmar Loop, one of my favorite places in St. Louis, which also has the famous restaurant “Blueberry Hill”, Fitz’s Root Beer (a St. Louis staple), and many shops. There are many malls and the entire downtown area, which you can choose how much you want to spend. I am getting a little dizzy right now writing all of this for you guys, but this proves just how much there is to do.54e372e7e8cdd.image_

The Delmar Loop, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

There is a variety of other aspects, whether you are driving out of country (then beware road changes, they may have you change sides of the roads such as between Hong Kong and China, which there is an amazing bridge for, image is above). There are restaurants, such as I have listed above, and there are many different shops, ethnic communities, and landmarks to check out. I understand there is a lot to take in, whether good or bad, but you will just need to stay focused and keep everything in mind, you then you will be prepared for the City Life.

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Ni Mingtian Jian

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: Delmar Featured: https://visittheloop.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/loop-directory.jpg

Bridge: https://www.fastcompany.com/1660258/ingenious-flipper-bridge-melds-left-side-drivers-right-side-drivers

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