Unique Tastes: Fun and Different Restaurants

Hey everyone!

So if you saw my post on the Facebook page earlier today, I mentioned a few restaurants that I would like to visit if I ever go to New York. Deciding to branch on this comes today’s blog. Today is all about amazingly creative and unique restaurants or food shops that have a unique twist or flavor to their food. Ready? I hope you are so here we go.

My first few shops takes me to a place that everyone knows about and a place I would love to visit, New York City (the largest city in the USA). New York is full of many different kinds of food and different people. If you are ever on a budget or have to stay in the USA, I would head here. This place is full of free activities that you could choose to take part in. and don’t even get me started on the ethnic communities. Anyway, In Brooklyn, there is an Ice Cream shop that caught my eye this morning, and is the inspiration for today’s post. -321 is an ice cream shop that will blow your mind. They make their ice cream instantly using liquid nitrogen. This freezes the cream instantly to create a quick delicious treat. The owners state that the nitrogen makes the ice crystals smaller, making the ice cream seem thicker and creamier than normal ice cream. They also have what I call “dragon balls”, which as a little orange ball that you stick in your mouth, allowing you to blow smoke from your mouth and nose. Who says that science can’t be fun!

Stick with me sweets is another great place to stop if you have a sweet tooth, as they make edible art out of chocolate. No Joke. These sweets are made with a marbled chocolate of many different colors that are amazing in all of their flavors. These bonbons range in flavor from Yuzu citrus from japan, to Matcha, a green tea also native to japan (I tried Matcha hot chocolate and it was amazing), to PB&J, no joke. These look amazing (look at the picture below) and I would love to try them if I ever visit New York.stick-with-me-3.jpg

Bonbons from Stick to me, New York

Another great argument is New York Style Pizza or Chicago Style pizza. I am have to say that I am partial to Chicago, seeing as I am from Illinois, but I have never tried a true pizza from either place. So here are a few places in those towns you can find some.

The first place that pops up for Chicago is Giordano’s pizza, based in the center of the windy city. Rated 4.2 stars on average, I can understand why these pizzas are rated so high. These are filled with cheese and flavor. With these deep dish, you can expect 2 things, a lot of cheese and a lot of sauce. These were designed for both of these with the sauce being laid on top of the mozzarella. This is easily on my top list for to try Chicago food.Deep-dish-pizza-Chicago.jpg

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

There are a variety of shops in New York, so many that I couldn’t choose a single one. From Patzeria to Patsy’s to Lombardi’s, they all look amazing. These are the classic pizza that we all know when we here pizza, but believe me, no one makes those better than the big apple. These people make it an art form, combining the best spices, cheeses, breads, and sauce to make it the best they can be, many of them even including family traditions and recipes from Italia. There are many, many New York pizza joints, but you cannot debate that these will be amazing.

That is about it for today. If you liked this post, feel free to leave a like and follow me on WordPress or on Facebook as I said earlier. Both are below and I will see you guys tomorrow. I got to go get some food.

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: Featured: https://newyorkcheridotcom.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/img_7577.jpg

Bonbons 2: https://chocolatefixnyc.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/stick-with-me-3.jpg?w=1200&h=800&crop=1

Pizza: http://diveprice.com/chicagos-best-popcorn-hotdogs-pizza/


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