What If Travels: Japan

Minasan, Kon’nichiwa! (みなさん、こんにちは!)

Sorry about the lateness tonight. As I said on the Facebook page, I just starting a new job so I am having a bit of trouble with scheduling. Anyway, as I said in my South Korea episode, I have been debating where I want to go and teach English, so as such, I will be writing the next few blogs on these countries. So today, staying with yesterday’s statement, is all about Nihon 日本 (land of the rising sun), Japan!

Japan is probably what most people think whenever they think of Asia, as it is where culture and tradition combine with technology to create a land of an amazing state of the art way of life. While japan is an island, it is one of the most populated countries in the entire world, making it a completely different experience to those who are from small towns (such as myself).  Kyoto is one of my favorite cities in the world, as it is such an old and important city to the country and the whole world.

I will be flying into Tokyo, which, fun fact, used to be called Edo in the time of Ieyasu Tokugawa, and was later renamed Tokyo, meaning Eastern Capital, around 1870. This will probably give me a panic attack the first time I step foot into the city. This is the most populated city IN THE WORLD, people! this would intimidate anyone visiting. I would probably start by finding the Ginza Strip, which is an amazingly large shopping complex in the center of the city. I would get my shopping out of the way here before heading to what I have heard as the anime district.

This area is called Akihabara (秋葉原) and this is an area filled with anime posters, signs, and shops. You seriously cannot blink without seeing Hatsune Miku (Japan’s most popular animated pop star). I am a fan of anime (I guess I could be considered an Otaku) so I would love to come here and find some cool Merch, such as Manga in the original Japanese, posters, props, or t-shirts from any anime you can think of.Akihabara-Shopping.jpg

Akihabara District, Tokyo, Japan

While there is plenty more to do and mention in Tokyo, there is an entire country to explore. I would now head towards the town of Himeji, which is the home of one of my favorite castles of all time, the Himeji Samurai Castle. This is a giant building, complete with all the designs and coloring of ancient Japanese buildings.  There are many walkways along the entrance and beside the castle that has beautiful scenery and views that you visit, as well as being able to tour the inside of the castle and see just how a Shogunate would live.402802.jpg

Himeji Castle, Himeji, Japan

I would now head to Kyoto, which is my favorite city in japan, due to the fact that it is very in touch with its ancient traditions and way of life. The city is still full of all of the old buildings that japan is known for as well as still being full of the latest tech and ways of life. You go to one side of town for culture, and the other side for tech and robots (maybe?). as you get away from Kyoto, you will start to reach the countryside, which japan is plentiful in. Japanese countrysides include rolling hills and gorgeous forests. These are pictures that you will remember forever. I will make the Featured image of the countryside for you guys.kyoto-traditional-japanese-house (1).jpg

Daigo-Ji, Kyoto, Japan


Zen Temple, Japan

One last thing I want to do in japan is visit a Zen temple. These are Buddhist shrines that are members of the Zen teachings, which focus on tranquility and non-attachment to reach Nirvana, or enlightenment. I have always been fascinated in their teachings and way of life, so I would take some time to learn from them. These are just a few ideas of what to do in this amazing place. Take some time to do your own research and get your own ideas of what to do in Japan, or any location for that matter. I hope you guys enjoyed. Be sure to give this a like and don’t forget to Follow me on WordPress or on Facebook. The link is in the black at the bottom of the page. It would really mean a lot. Mata ashita ne! (また明日ね!)

Ni MIngtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

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