What If Travels: South Korea

Annyeonghaseyo yeoleobun! (안녕하세요 여러분!),

Sorry about the lateness today. I am just starting at a new job and am still trying to figure out my new scheduling. Because of this and school, my next few posts may be a bit late, and my apologies in advance for that. Anyway, I missed doing these What Ifs because it gave me a chance to learn about some new places and state what I want to do in certain areas. So today, I am writing about a place I do not know a lot about, South Korea.

Now, one quick thing that I need to state before anything to stop anyone from leaving just due to the location. South Korea is safe to visit. It is heavily protected by the SK and USA militaries and has a very low chance of getting attacked by the north when you are there.

OK, with that out of the way, let me state some things. I have been wanting to go overseas and teach now for a few months, and I have narrowed the location down to 3 countries: Japan, China, and South Korea. Korea is the one I do not know that much about, hence me writing this blog now. I want to learn along with you. South Korea is a very tech country with one of the most advanced technologies and ways of life in the world, to the point where the USA could learn a bit from them. While being this advanced, Korea has also found an amazing balance, also keeping in touch with their history, tradition and culture, something a lot of big powers find trouble in juggling. This is a place full of tradition that people openly embrace and would not change for anything.4720258929_8558029e01_b.jpg

Hakindang Hanok Guest House (학진 한옥 게스트 하우스 (학인당),  Jeonju, South Korea

I would start in the city of Seoul, which is the capital of South Korea, and probably one of the biggest scenes in gaming (I am a giant geek so I would be really interested in this). I would probably head to Downtown Seoul and explore the local flavor. There are many cool shops all around the downtown area, including a world-famous makeup shop in Myeongdong. Another cool stop I am wanting to check out is Gyeongbokgung Palace, where you catch the changing of the guard (is it the same as the changing of the guard at Arlington?). you can also dress in a Gatekeeper’s uniform if you visit there, which is silly, but hey, it is a really fun thing to try.2016-06-11-02-21-04-1.jpg

Ceiling of the Gyeongbokgung Palace (Jade Palace), South Korea

When in Seoul, I would also take on a more traditional take and visit a tea-house and by buying authentic items from Insadong. But there are also some amazing new places that are opened for a unique kind of person. You may have heard of the Cat Café, The Cat Playground in Myeongdong and the many cafes in garosu-gil. I wish I knew some places to visit to get in touch with South Korea’s gaming scene, but I don’t know any names. I would try to find one of their many game cafes that you can find in all the big cities.a-day-in-a-cat-café-in-seoul-south-korea-sabrina-iovino-justonewayticket-com

Cat Cafe in Myeongdong, South Korea

I would then try to head towards the mountainous area of the country and find a place to stay around there. Korea is supposed to have a beautiful countryside and I would love to check that out. I might make that the featured photo. If not, you will see it below.

I’m sorry that this post is mostly about Seoul, but that is the only part of Korea that I know about. I might make a second blog going more into the modern things, such as gaming or the K-pop scene and how you can get to experience them yourself. Thank you, guys, and I will see you tomorrow! (gomawo, naeil bolgeoya! 고마워, 내일 볼거야!)

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

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