Do What Now? Amazing Race Edition

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Sorry about the lateness of today’s article, I’m still getting used to fitting a blog into my school schedule. Maybe I should start writing these at night? Oh well, I’ll figure this out later. Today, we are talking once again about Activities, more specifically, how to find out about them. Well I have just the thing for you, and it just so happens to help me as well on today’s blog. Reality Television.

Ok, so, one of my favorite T.V. shows are “The Amazing Race”. I was planning on trying for it with a friend of mine once we turn 21. I just love how they show people the world and its inhabitants all while giving them challenges and prizes. It appeals to my little nerd heart. Anyway, with this show, each episode previews a new country and has a series of challenges or tasks that retain to that part of the country, which is great for a planner like me who wants to go everywhere. For this article, I will separate this in 3 parts, culture, history, and leisure.p03sx4ds.jpg

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The most impressive parts of the show for me are the parts where they fully embrace the way of life in another part of the world, such as when they have to take part in Camel Racing in Dubai or dance to J-pop in Tokyo. These can be some of the most fun times of the entire adventure, and a lot of times, they take no money at all. While you may not be able to race a camel yourself, you could go visit a racetrack overseas to experience it firsthand. Or you could go to a concert for a popular band in a country you are visiting. Many times, they visit small towns that are famous for one thing in particular, such as going to a vineyard in Italy and making wine by stomping grapes. This is still something that you could do overseas. It is easy to find these activities online, and many of the places in the world have secrets hidden all over the place.

History Is probably the next biggest point to the race. People always like to visit old places all over the world so they can get a sense of something bigger than themselves, or to see how people in the past have lived. Many great examples of this would be visiting castles, as they have done many times in the race. They are scattered all over Europe, and each one different than the last. Try to find a way to spice this activity up a bit, maybe by learning the history of the town first or by learning about the time it was built and what was going on at that time. Many other places are ruins, such as Pompeii. Try to find out what happened there and how long ago before heading to tour the area.217019657_6bd567301f.jpg


And, lastly, Relaxation. They do not choose to make people do this often of the race, as it is often not as entertaining as the hustle of challenges, but even so, it can give ideas of what to do for fun. One thing they choose to take on is food. I remember a few years back, the made people go to a restaurant and eat Ramen in Japan (this would be a fun idea for food while there). There are also things such spas and bath houses, like they have in japan. I would suggest going to one and having a massage from that area (such as the massage with the flamed cups). It would be a fun way to relax and still enjoy the local culture.

Each place is different, and so different places will have more to offer than others. The amazing race is entering its 29th(?) season now and they have been to most countries. If you know where you want to go, I would suggest watching a few episodes where that location is the stop and get a few new, creative ideas for when you get over there. Thank you, guys. Don’t forget to like and subscribe below!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: Japan:




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