Great Adventures for a Low Price

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you guys had an amazing Paddy’s Day and that you guys had a blast. Now, today, I am going to talk about something that I have talked about in many different blogs, which is how to travel on a budget. Some of these will work for different people and some may not work for certain situations. I have 4 different tips for you guys to think about.

The first is the price of your plane ticket, which for international flights can cost A LOT of money, and if you live in the middle of the USA, like I do, you will need to fly to a costal airport as well. In this case, I would suggest looking at Allegiant Airlines and their rate calendars. With allegiant, you can get from St. Louis to Orlando for only around $70 US. This can also help if your trip is in the USA, as they also have low prices for Round trip. Upon preparing for this blog, I looked up a 2-week round trip flight from Springfield, Illinois to Orlando, Florida with the first flight being on July 3rd. Altogether, the price is $145.50 US, which is cheap for a flight during the peak of travel season. Another helpful hint is to book everything as soon as you can. Amusement parks sell their tickets dirt cheap if you buy them a few months before the trip, meaning you can get more perks for the same price as a later ticket. If you must rent a car, book it when you book your flight, or see if the travel company will give you a bundle.

My next tip is that of Exchange Rates with your money. If you go to, let’s say Japan, for every cent that you bring in US Dollars, you will get 1 yen in Japanese Yen, as the exchange rate is so low. If you go to a country that was a low exchange rate to your country’s currency, you will get money to spend overseas. This is exactly why people say that Europe is expensive, because the Euro is worth more than the US Dollar (1 euro is $1.08 in US). Good countries to travel to, in this case, would be countries like China, Japan, India, or Morocco.stunning-tokyo-wallpaper-1.jpg

Tokyo, Japan

Try to find cheap places to stay. This seems obvious but my meaning is “find a place where living expenses are very cheap.” By find places that sells food for cheap or hosing is not that expensive, you can assume that hotels would be cheaper on average and that food would always be affordable to you and your friends. I would also look around as see where you can travel without needing a passport. If you are a US citizen, you can visit any US Territory without needing a passport. Meaning, places like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Guam would all be cheap places with amazing views that you could visit on the cheap.HD-beautiful-costa-rica-images-620x388

Rain forest, Costa Rica

The last option is a bit strange and you would need to have a few free months to complete. I like to call this the “find your way” method of travelling. Basically, you buy one plane ticket to some other country that is somewhat close to your own, so if you are from America, you could fly to Guatemala. From there, you basically make your way back to your home country however you feel like it, whether by train, taxi, or hiking if you like that. With this method, you would get the opportunity to see only what you want to see and stop where-ever you want to stop. You would also have the added benefit of seeing every country between your start and end locations. This would be difficult to do, and the blogger who inspired me to start my blog, the author of OneStep4Ward Johnny, did this, starting in Thailand and ending in his homeland of Ireland. This take dedication but I feel that it would be worth it.Grand_Jagua_Guatemala.jpgGrand Jagua, Guatemala

Now obviously, this last option might be a bit extreme to some people, but that is what travel is for. To experience new worlds and think outside of what you typically might is one of the added benefits to travel. There are many ways to save money and travel inexpensively, and I hope these different ways will help you to reach your goal/s

Ni Mingtian Jian

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit: Thailand:


Costa Rica:



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