What If Travels: Britain

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Well anyway, I am going to try something slightly different today. I am going to plan a fictional vacation in a country. This, hopefully, will give you some ideas on what to when in a new place. So, sit back and relax, put a tea kettle on the stove and put on your favorite Beatles’ album, because today, we traveling to the place where every town must have a Ham or Shire at the end of its name (or both Buckinghamshire), the UK.

I love England! I have always wanted to visit because while it is so like life in the USA, slight differences make it seem so different from what we know and are used to. Probably my favorite would be the accent. I love different accents, with Scottish being my favorite (followed by Italian), so being in a new location means meeting people that all new ways of speaking. The next most noticeable would be the roads and cars. For those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what I mean the cars in the UK have the wheel on the Right Side of the car, and you drive on the left side of the road, which all kinds of strange (oh, I love you British people).

My first stop would be London, as that is where the plane from St Louis would be flying to, and that is probably where I would spend the first 2 or 3 days. First day there I would try the classic cliché tourist locations, such as big ben, the London Eye, and Piccadilly. I would try riding the eye, and it is the largest Ferris wheel in the world. I would probably spend the rest of the day exploring around randomly, while also going to see the river Thames. Second day I would dedicate to going to different shopping locations to get a feel of everyday life here (what exactly is the deal with bagged milk though?) if I did do a 3rd day, I would save it for whatever I had missed in the first and second days before heading to church.

I am not religious at all, but in my opinion, one of the best ways to get a feel for the country is to visit different churches or religious locations. If you need some examples, I have an entire blog on this (it is the second most I made)

I would then head south and explore sites such as Plymouth and Bath. I would also make sure to visit Oxford University while in the area before Heading to Scotland and Wales. I would probably try to make it to Edinburgh before resting.

In the next few days, I would explore Scotland as a whole, experience what I believe is so great about it. I would start in Edinburgh and check out the town. I would also head to University of Edinburgh to visit a friend of mine that goes to school there. It is also where Charles Darwin went to school. I would then head to the countryside and see the rolling highlands that you see in all the films, which I believe is the most beautiful part of the entire country. Pro tip from my grandparents, try to stay at a Bed and Breakfast while in Scotland, it is so worth it.

I would also try to visit the Shetland islands and other neighboring islands by Scotland before heading to Wales. I would head strait to Cardiff and explore the local area, such as the theatre there with the writing on it (people in the UK, if you know what I am talking about please remind me what it is called). It is the location of a ripple in time after all (Dr Who).

My last day in the UK, I would spend in London, exploring my geeky side. I would want to explore some museums and locales that are more on the educational or Pop culture side. My favorite would probably be the Dr Who museum or trying to find 221B Baker Street.

I would also say, whenever you are traveling a country, be sure to visit your country’s embassy in the Capital city to make sure that everything is taken care of, such as money.

Well that is about it. Anyone from the UK, if you think I missed anything, please let know. It would help a lot!!!!! Also, I know I missed Northern Ireland, but If I ever do a blog on the country of Ireland (which I think I will) I will include it then.

Ni MIngtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit to http://wallwiz.com/Great_Britain/298_374104


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