A Day in West Palm Beach, Florida

Hello, it’s me (because that never gets old)

While I am once again late to the post, I actually have enough knowledge to write about a location!!!!! Just a few quick notes. Next Week is spring break for me so I will be on time with my posts, except on Tuesday or Wednesday because I am starting a new job. Also, on March 17 through the 19, I will be exploring Branson, Missouri with my best friend, so those days will be a multi part series on the only fun place in all of Missouri (besides St Louis). So here we go!

This past summer, I spent a month in West Palm Beach, Florida (well, to be exact we were living in Greenacres but oh well). And boy, was it a blast. When you live in a different part of the country and get to stay somewhere else for an extended period of time, you feel happy over the smallest things (such as the beach or a shop that sells everything made from coconut. More on that later). But here are just a few things that would say are the best in West Palm Beach.

There is this little shop in the downtown of a neighboring town that is owned by this little Filipino lady. Basically, the shop sold all kinds of fun trinkets, all of which were either made of some kind of coconut material or reflected her culture. The shop is called Coconut Planet. This stuff is amazing and at an amazing price. Ladies, they have giant long head wrap bandanna things that are amazing with cool designs on them. I got one for my best friend that was about 5 feet long and she fell in love with it. I got myself a cool bamboo box that I put my necklaces, bracelets, and rings in. My cousin got a purse with polished coconut shells on the front for like $15. We went there just about every day (I wonder if the lady will remember us this year?)

The next place I would say is to go to New York Style. It is all authentic Italian restaurant (even though the name is confusing, it does blend the 2 cultures very well). It is a great family environment that has food that everyone. I even got my picky cousin to try calamari (I’m surprised that she liked it) and they had some of the best Alfredo and lasagna that I have ever tried. If you have the chance, try it out.

While it is not in West Palm, it is close enough for you to travel a little bit. So, if you get tired of West Palm, you could drive to Lake Buena Vista and go to Disney World, or take a day off and go to Miami (beware traffic though). Honestly the choices are unlimited here. whether it be travelling the area or staying local, whether swimming or shopping, you really have it all here in Florida!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo credit to http://kielyrealestate.com/west-palm-beach-central-county/west-palm-beach/


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