Travel With Style

Hey everyone.

OK, so, I lied I guess when I said that I would be on time tonight, but it was for good reason (last minute procrastination on a speaking quiz for my Chinese class). Any-who, I have been thinking a lot about this topic today after I read a CollegeHumor article (I’m not sure what is more concerning, that I came up with this because of CollegeHumor or that I read reading during my choir class). but this is my blog so we are going to do it anyway, just because we can, and I need a post for today, but mostly the first one!

When it comes to travel, it seems like what to wear gets put on the back burner. I mean, you have an entire vacation to plan, how bad can clothes be. THEY CAN BE TERRIFYING, this coming from a former fashion design major. when it comes to dressing for your location, there are a few things people seem to forget.

You do not want to stand out as a tourist, this can, and will, make you a target. I try to avoid talking about dangerous stuff on here because I am an optimist and it bums me out, but this can be pretty crucial. if you want to avoid any conflict or trouble, don’t wear any visors, Location t-shirts from your last stop, or, dare I say it, a fanny pack (Shudders). dressing appropriately can save you hassle of having your wallet stolen in the streets on Dubai.

While clothes can keep you hidden, they of course, have to keep you comfortable. after all, different locales, different climates. you will need to pack differently if you are going to Russia than if you are going to Rio de Genaro. The right clothes keep you protected, from the outside haters and dangers, to the blizzards and rainfall. so how do you find a good medium? why I have just the outfit for you.

First, you will need a light cotton collared long sleeve shirt. with this, the light color will keep you cool, while the cotton itself can keep you warm or cold no matter where you are (there is a reason why a lot of clothes are cotton, people). next, khaki pants. these are a universal norm, so most places will not see it as out of the also is stylish enough to get you around any venue that may be considered “formal”. next I would say go for some Sperry’s or converse. Sperry’s would be ideal, as they have a certain class to them, especially if you go with leather, that will go with just about anything while also having a formal look to them. if those are too much for you (or not your style), you could always pull an Ellen DeGeneres and wear some converse. my favorite shoes are converse (I wore them to my high school graduation) because they are comfortable and everyone recognizes them. while they are not formal, they would definitely work in this case.

To finish it off, you will want to add something that resembles the culture. for instance, if you are going to the middle east, maybe add a light scarf around your neck that has some Arabic designs on it. if you are going to India, pick up a necklace with the Om symbol on it. there are countless ways to do this, just be sure to make it show your personality. after all, it is still your trip, and you need to show the world who you are!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

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