What You Should Keep in Mind: Part 2

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the lateness (again). I’ll be on time tomorrow (I hope). Anyway, here is the second part on planning trips, now equipped with all the boring aspects (the Crowd rejoices! yay).

While yesterday, I talked about planning the location, today I will be talking about more the money or business side of the planning process, such as making a budget or where to stay once you get there.

The budget is the most important part by far, allowing you to pay for the trip and everything that it has to do with it. Whether it is building up your coffers or keeping track of your spending overseas, it is definitely important, for obvious reasons.

Building up your money can be difficult at times, we all know this, which means we can get pretty crafty when it comes to earning it. For instance, odd jobs can do well, but so can thinking outside the box. literally, leave the box anywhere you can. I know people who have done this, leaving boxes at different strategic locations, such as Walmart or Starbucks, asking people to put the change from their purchases in as a donation, and that paid for most of their trip. it also gives people a good feeling, knowing they helped someone reach their goals.

Keeping money can be just as hard when overseas, with all the “squirrels” as I call them. you know what I mean by that, places or items that just jump out and distract you, sometimes causing you to spend money. While these can sometimes be some of your favorite items, you need to watch yourself. the best way to combat this is to keep an idea of what you are wanting to get, and not to get distracted by what you notice you want. Another useful tip is to keep an extra $20 per day in case of emergencies. this may be for impractical uses like this, but it can very well be a lifesaver if your hotel price changes or if you need to suddenly rent a car.

That brings me to my next point, how to get around. Most of the time I would say travel by train, especially if you are in Asia (as they have the fastest trains in the world). if it is a short distance, maybe rent a car if you can afford it, but I would say taxi (if you don’t Uber lol). they are reliable and can take you just about anywhere.

The only other thing I can say regarding picking locations is make sure it something everyone will like. if you are by yourself, no problem. that is about it though. Have a good night. I hope you enjoyed!!!!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

Gavin Williamson

Photo credit to http://paradiseintheworld.com/kyoto-japan/


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