Where in the World?

Hello Cyberspace!

Busy night here in Illinois (I won a trivia night with a geography question and had a crisis about college). but anyway, on to the topic.

When it comes to travel, you have many different ideas on what you would want. there is, of course, beautiful landscapes and amazing architecture. From here, it can different from people. some people want the city, some people want nothing they recognize. some people only want their native language, while others travel to practice a new vocabulary. so, I am here to give you a few ideas on what to want when planning a trip. Where in the world will you be?

Consider what landscape you would want. If you want mountains and the cold weather, Switzerland would be great for you. If you want flat deserts with rolling sands, try north-east Morocco. With so many options, many people don’t realize that there is a place that fits ALL of their needs and wants. All you need is a little bit of research. I will lay out a general idea and location.

Let’s say that you want a colder country in Europe. That narrows down the list quite a bit but it still leaves plenty of options. If you knew a specific area, like say, and area that is of Slavic decent, that would narrow it down to eastern Europe. this where the biggest amount of narrowing would happen.

Now we consider smaller areas, such as language. Let’s say you are going to an area that a lot of people know English, which pushes you towards the western side a little more. if you wanted a smaller capital city, that would get rid of bigger powers like Russia or the Czech Republic. Now we get into more details. if you want more nature in the city, that will wear it down a bit. and if you want a very historical town, we have your match.

Ljubljana, Slovenia would be a great pick for you. With a rich history, beautiful architecture, and a cooler climate, this place would make such a person leap for joy. I’ll Leave a picture above for you.

This, of course, is just a rushed example. there are also many other factors you must keep in mind, such as currency exchange, how the country will view you, how many people you are bringing, and the approximate total cost of the trip. with these thoughts in mind, you should now have the ability to plan you next big adventure. So, don’t let me keep you. Go out and explore because, in the end, isn’t that what we are here for?”

Ni Mingtian Jian!

-Gavin Williamson


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