Old Places, New Thrills

Hey Everyone,

I’m late once again. Homework can really suck at times. well anyway…

Kickoff week in now done and now I can talk about something I have been waiting a week to type up, mostly because it affects me almost every week. You go to the same place for millionth time…how do you spice it up to keep it interesting?

Well that is what I am here to tell you about so sit down, get a cup of blood orange sorbet tea (it tastes great) and enjoy.

For this article, I will be using a town that almost nobody has ever heard of, unless you are a mark twain fan. Hannibal, Missouri. I grew up around here, about 25 minute’s drive across the Mississippi river and boom, small-town USA. as many cool shops are there, you get tired of it really fast. So here are some ideas on how to keep things fresh.

Throw in an accent! I love to do this, but that could just be my overactive theatre genes acting up (ah…puns). It is always fun to try to trick people into thinking you are someone else. If I go somewhere new, and my friends hate this, I always do a Scottish accent to make things interesting. I suddenly become Liam MacWilliam, an exchange student from Edinburgh who is here for college. even if they know it is fake, they will still go along with it to get a laugh.

Go to some fun local shops you haven’t been to before. Hannibal, for instance, is amazing when it comes to this I’ll go into more detail on another blog solely about Hannibal, but I will give you a quick run-through. there is this shop that sells all kinds of popcorn and candy for a good price. The name is paddle wheel. This place is such a big deal, they have a map covered with stars from all over the world. the customers from there would put a star on the map to leave their mark. the popcorn is some of the best popcorn you can have. My personal favorite is flavor called “skinny dipping” (it’s mark twain based if you haven’t guessed) and it has the best chocolate and vanilla popcorn I have ever tasted.

make a game out of the place. this is where you can test just how well you remember all of your trips. make a list with whoever you are going with and you 2 have a competition on who can spot the most stuff on that list while you are visiting. each item has a different point value and it will add a little bit of “friendly” competition between all of you.

However you decide to do it, it is always important to have fun wherever you go so that you have a memorable experience. and if you make a fool of yourself, don’t worry. you, more than likely, will never see anyone there ever again (besides your friends of course). Thank you guys again. feel free to leave a comment!

Ni Mingtian Jian!

-Gavin Williamson

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