Scenic VS. Seen It, The Best of Both Worlds

Hey Everyone,

I have been thinking about today’s article for the past week and I am SO excited to share it with you all. So here you go, I hope you guys enjoy!

A lot of people, when travelling, feel that they must decide between the city or the countryside. Giant buildings and activities you would never imagine, or beautiful rolling fields filled with stories and history that out date the country itself. Most people try to find separate days for each of the options, but my question is, why not have both in one. there are plenty of options that have those options all rolled into one precise little world, and I am about to show you them. So here you go. here are just a few of the ideas that you could use.

You could visit a smaller country (area wise). For this I am going to use Latvia as an example. It is a pretty small country (in case you don’t know, it is an eastern European country. I get them mixed up as well.) that broke away from Russia when the Soviet Union disbanded. being as small as it is, a lot of times, that means that the cities will be smaller. The capital city of Latvia, Riga, is pretty small (about 700,000 people, Less than half the size of St. Louis). With this being said, you would get a good mixture of city and country. while it is not huge, it is still a capital city, and thus has some components of one. on the other hand, they also are small enough to have a lot of open spaces and nature areas.

You could visit a smaller country (population wise). With a smaller population, a lot of times, comes smaller cities. For this, I will be using the South American country of Belize. with a total population of only about 350,000 people, the country is only about as populated as a large town. The capital city, Belmopan, is about 16,000 people altogether (smaller than my hometown) so it will have a very good mixture of City and Nature (Belizean jungles are gorgeous as well, just watch where you are going.)

My biggest suggestion is just to go to a fast-growing city in the country, or as they are called, a Second-tier city. I talked more about them on my previous blog about the “True Country. I suggest you check out that article if you want in depth explanations. here a quick rundown. these are the fastest growing cities in the country, so they will have a lot of new companies, and even skyscrapers, as well as staying in touch with nature or the native country.

There, of course, is no problem with taking different days for different places, I prefer it that way (so you can savor it all), but if you are in a rush and only have a few days, you do what you can do. and I hope that this post makes it just a bit easier on you (I can’t make it too easy ;-)).

Ni Mingtian Jian!

-Gavin Williamson

Photo Credit (the photo is of Riga, Latvia) to


6 thoughts on “Scenic VS. Seen It, The Best of Both Worlds

    1. I am glad I could help you out with that. It’s a beautiful country. I would also look at Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia if you head that way (as they are all fairly small besides Russia and Belarus). If you do go, let me know how it is. I’ve always wanted to travel there.


      1. Im from Ukraine originally. But a little scared to go back to everything thats going on over there. But looking into taking a trip to Europe. I want at least a couple of countries on my list:)


      2. Yeah, I know what you are meaning. My advice would be to stick to the not as well known cities or the smaller towns. If you are thinking that area, I am excited for you. I can’t wait until my first international trip (China with some friends in 2018). I wish you good luck and fortune in the future.


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