Cliches, Why Avoid Them?

Hey Everyone!

Today and yesterday’s post go hand and hand with each other, and I just got to say… I LOVE Travel Clichés. No joke. they are just somethings that never get old and deserve to be redone. Whenever I finally get the chance to leave the USA and explore around, you can bet that I will be living the cliché. Well anyway, here are some that I know will help in the long run, or possibly be fun along the way.

the first of the clichés…locations. you know what I am meaning. whenever someone says ” I am going to Paris” they instantly think the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triumphe, when really, there is no shame in them. I love the classics. hell, I have a red white and blue Eiffel Tower sitting on my desk at home for all to see. while there are more places you could visit in Paris, such as the Louvre or local lavender plantations in the south, it is always fun to explore the classics.

Another great cliché is the Camera, a must on any great vacation. I would even go so far to say get a disposable camera for convenience. You never want to go anywhere without a camera, even if it just to a town 15 minutes away. you never know what is in store and should always have a way to document it.

The location T-shirt, a love hate piece of fabric that you can get some crap for back at home, but can have a lot of fun uses. I get a t-shirt whenever I travel somewhere new, even if the place is completely boring, it is still something to remember. once you get enough, you can do what I am wanting to do…create a quilt out of the t-shirts. this is a good medium, that way if a shirt shrinks or you grow too big for it, you could just add it on at any time.

Any that you have in mind be sure to embrace it (unless it is a fanny pack. NEVER A FANNY PACK). you don’t know any of the people in the country, so who cares if you “make a fool out of yourself. if you are having fun with it, that is all that matters. I hope this helped y’all out. and I hope that you guys decide to subscribe.

Ni Mingtian Jian!

-Gavin Williamson

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