Making the most out of Classic Locales

Hey Y’all, Me again,

Today we Embrace the classics with making memorable trips with classic locations. While the last few days have been embrace new, today we say to embrace the spots that have been done to death, yet still don’t cease to give us chills.

These places include Venice, The Great Wall, Paris, The Pyramids, and all the other classic locales. I have no problem with these, in fact I feel that everyone should visit these places and experience just what makes them classic. I am just saying that once you finally get the chance to visit them, you should make it the best that it can be. So here are my few tips how to make the most of them.

It’s all better with friends! I get it, it is expensive to travel and you might not be able to take your buds with you. My suggestion, Face-time! video-chatting can be a great way to give your friend a little vacation for a few minutes. Just call them up on your phone, and give them the chance to travel with you. Fair Warning about the time difference. I know my best friend would be kinda ticked off if I woke her up in the middle of the night to show her the great wall (even though she would thank me later).

I have collected postcards for about 3 years now, and so if I go to a new place, I make sure to make sure to get new cards anywhere I go. While many people may not like postcards, it is always fun to get something to help you remember the location you visited.

Browse some people’s wears. Whether it be at a Moroccan Bazaar or a clothing store in the Roman Strip, this is a fun way to get immersed in the culture surrounding you. By checking out a spice peddler’s shop in Morocco, you get to experience the full effect of the country you are visiting, even down to the touch and smell of the spices you are around. and one fun thing that you can try when traveling is going to different clothing shops to try on clothing that the locals commonly wear. while some places may be very modern in tastes, you may find other places are completely different from what we consider “normal”. And hey, it is fun to play dress up at times ;-).

Anyway, these are just a few of the tips I have regarding this subject (I should save the rest for a later entry). I hope you all enjoyed and I hope you guess subscribe. I also have started a Facebook page for this Blog. If you search “Multi-Stop Travel”, you should find it. The link should be on the page soon enough.

Ni Mingtian Jian!

-Gavin Williamson

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