Spots Off the Beaten Path

Hey Everyone, Me again

While Yesterday, I talked a lot about large places of gathering (Look under the article called “Travel, now with Religion”), today I will mostly be talking about how to get away from crowded areas of the world into a place that is more serene and possibly packed with more adventure.

One of the big examples I am going to be using tonight is that of China. You know China! Second most populated country in the world, economic powerhouse, giant landmass with rich culture and amazing views? That China. While a lot of people think of Giant Suburbs of cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Beijing, many also think of the ancient buildings and cool look of the country (look at the Forbidden City). But this can pull people from the country as much as it brings people inward.

My mother, For Example, Loves nature areas and Beaches, while also loving the rush of a big city adventure. Last summer, we took a Trip to Destin, Florida, and we went to the beach so much, I had a permanent taste of salt water in my mouth for weeks (no joke). This is the mind set people should have about China. If you start to head inland, you will instantly see the beautiful draw of the Chinese countryside. Rolling hills, a light wind, and slight spots of Exotic Flowers.

This is all nice, but how do I get here? There is one common suggestion I can give you.

Head inland.

Most of the time, bigger Cities are found near the coast of the country due to trade and international politics, while the Center of the world is the heartland. for instance, the United States have Cities all over the Country, with the most of the most important (like Boston, New York, and San Francisco) all being on the Ocean (Chicago is the exception, but is on a great lake that connects it a bit with Canada). This pattern is similar with most Countries. You head in one direction for any bit of time, and you will hit the countryside (For Britain, just go North. For India, I would say head north of south, For Brazil head North-West-ish).

My Point is that the countryside is not as far as you may think, it could only be a few minutes away. Go out and explore the world. You may find something you will love.

Ni MIngtian Jian!

-Gavin Williamson

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